Sunday, February 22, 2009


The announcement day of SPM for year 2008 is just around the corner. Thus, I know that the all candidates are worried about their result. Aren’t you? I pray you all will pass with flying colours. For those who are keeping hope to study oversea or to get scholarship from the big fish, don’t you ever forget a crucial thing; ENGLISH.It doesn’t mean that Bahasa Malaysia is not important at all. But can you think if you really can communicate using your mother tongue well, then when you are asked in English by the interviewers but you can answer nothing, isn’t wasting. Thus, if you want to study abroad, don’t leave English behind.

Here I have three simple B’s to enhance you skill to speak in English.

1. Be valiant (brave) to speak and discuss in English with community in your surrounding.
2. Be ready to read English materials everyday voraciously.
3. Be patient to listen to English like radio channnel, dramas, movies ect.

Don’t forget to practice these three simple B’s. They are really practical as they satisfy the need in interview.

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