Sunday, June 19, 2011

Something Small.

Despite being called with a lot of names.. whether it's good or not...I am still like this. It is hard to change. Just now I realize that when someone want to speak to me, I just become stupid annoying person ever. I never know that I am such a dummy. Actually I don't know to talk to others especially with new person. I took about one whole semester just to know and to have one friend. How pathetic I am. It is not a big deal but in a way it makes me feel how waste my entire life being like this. Is not something that I chose, but maybe I just afraid and lack of self-confidence. Do I have friends? Maybe, maybe not. I don't really have a nice and good memories with friends. Maybe I was a lot more annoying back then. I never really try to appreciate my old friends. I just don't know how... I will keep trying as much as I can. Even though a lot of people disregard me. Maybe something Allah shows me the way. IA..Anyway I always believe in His Power and whatever happen to me, there is always reason that I don't know. Hehe..

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